Hello! I’m so glad you are looking at Yandle Multimedia Photography! I hope we can capture some great memories for you! My name is Kim and I have always valued pictures! As a kid, my dad let me take an old black and white camera to school and I took pictures of my 3rd grade friends! That is when I began loving capturing moments and memories with a camera.  I have taken tons of pictures since then. I remember when my children were born wanting to create “magic” with pictures like I would see in professional publications. Cameras got more sophisticated with technology and I slowly started upgrading. In the meantime, I homeschooled my four children and dabbled on the side with taking pictures of everything going on in our family’s lives. In 2012, I officially launched a website and started Yandle Multimedia Photography. I love natural light and capturing real moments of people enjoying being together; …sweet tender looks, …a silly giggle …or just a happy smile.

I love how pictures document both the historical record of your life plus they can record the emotion at the time as well. Contact me and let’s capture some “magic” moments that will become treasures.

Photo by: Tara Marie Photography