What to wear…


Once you’ve booked your session, the next big question is “what should we wear?”


  • For a family session, (or any session) the #1 priority is to be comfortable.  It’s easy to like how something looks and not think “how warm or cool will I be in this at the shoot?” Be mindful of the temperature or forecast at your portrait location. Another important part of being comfortable is “can I sit in this OK and still be comfortable?”  Short skirts on girls can present a problem sitting sometimes, so think about your comfort (& modesty) in several different pose positions. 
  • The next most important thing is to like how you look in it…this is especially true for the “mom”.  If you are self conscious of a specific feature, wear something that compliments that feature (like if you aren’t crazy about your arms, you probably won't enjoy how you look in a sleeveless top).
  • Neutrals, muted colors and pastels photograph well. Dresses and skirts that flow and move in the wind, add a romantic look to photographs. Avoid colors that will reflect color back onto your skin like bright reds & oranges, and neons.  Also be aware that very small stripes and checks appear to show movement in digital photography. You can still wear patterns, just avoid the tiny patterns. Also, limit bold patterns. Coordinating clothes are ideal.  Black can be very bold, so like the bold patterns, limit black. Things that distract the eye from seeing your faces first, should be avoided ... like graphic tees, busy patterns, ball caps or glasses that turn dark in the sun.    For some images of coordinated outfits, you may want to check out my pinterest page:  http://www.pinterest.com/kimphotog/coordinated-outfits/



Don’t stress over the outfit coordination thing, the most important part is that everyone is there and smiling, ready to capture this moment in life!